Some words about us

The Sydney Badminton Association was established more than 30 years ago and in this time past and present players have volunteered to manage the sport of Badminton in Sydney. There is a constitution that determines what and how we manage the sport.


The office bearers being President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and general committee members. The Office bearers are the voice of Sydney Badminton Association regarding NSWBA and they have voting rights to determine the NSWBA board. The committee members are placed into sub committees and manage the areas of; publicity, grading, competitions, fund raising/ sponsorship, and social activities.


  • Promote the Sport of Badminton in NSW
  • Structured Playing Association
  • Junior Developmentre
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Consistent Grading Structure
  • Organised Competitions
  • Fun for all players


The Sydney Badminton Association’s main focus is to provide a structure that will facilitate the opportunity for players of all standards to play the sport of Badminton. The SBA offers a facility for clubs to register their clubs and players in the SBA so that they are able to play in inter-club competitions and individual Tournaments throughout the year. Affiliation with the SBA will also provide clubs and players total Public Liability Insurance cover which in the event of an accident will prevent players and Club Committees being liable for compensation.


The other main focus is to identify junior players and offer them the opportunity to train under qualified coaches and assist them in reaching their full potential. Junior players are the future of Badminton, we need to develop a stream of young competent players replacing players that are retiring from the sport.